Cours de conduite avancée Cours de conduite avancée
Cours de conduite avancée
Cours de conduite avancée


Looking for effective ways to reduce escalating fleet management costs?


We can help, call us!


With vehicle insurance and repair costs escalating and with employee sickness and disability costs becoming a major concern, advanced fleet driver training has become a cost-effective and necessary investment for companies with fleet drivers.


Vehicle collisions alone cost companies over $6 billion annually in Canada.


The top 5 collision reasons given to insurance advisors are all related to a lack of time to react.


The facts are that 85% of all collisions could be avoided with a single extra second of reaction time.


IN-CONTROL works closely with corporate management to help establish specific needs and reduce costs by delivering complete fleet driver training solutions.


To improve driving standards, improve staff welfare, save time and money, contact our fleet driver safety program director

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